Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Water Witch

Hello, fellow book-devourers!

The Water Witch, book 2 in the Fairwick Chronicles penned by Juliet Dark, has Callie caught between promises she made to various people. These promises threaten to tear her her friends away from her. Whilst fighting for the people she's grown to care about, their is her own strange powers to be dealt with, and handsome strangers are popping up all over the place more than happy to help. When all's said and done, which way will Callie's heart turn?

Loved it. A brilliant sequel to The Demon Lover, it has Callie making up with Liam again, which was great. It also expands on Fairwick and some of its unique problems and history, which builds upon the setting and makes it seem more real. The relationships here are exquisite, with the right amount of tension and sweet moments to make them perfect.
4.9 stars

Now just waiting for The Hallowed Door (book 3) which won't be out until Septemeber.

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