Wednesday, 13 February 2013

North of Beautiful

Hello, fellow book-devourers!

This book by Justina Chen Headley is absolutely freaking amazing. Terra Cooper is beautiful in the tall, blond killer-body way. But she has a large birthmark on her face. North of Beautiful documents Terra's journey to find self-acceptance, whilst also exploring race identity and how important familial support is.

 I know, it kinda sounds like some sad sob story that wins lots of awards and ends up being studied for English and completely and utterly wrecked for it. But it is some incredible writing, and throughout there are many parts that I identified with, and I believe there's something for everyone in there. Plus (as if this book needed anything else) it talks about geocaching, which I had no idea existed. Pretty much it's like hide-and-seek for grownups (though kids can do it too) with a GPS. I love it, and this book got me hooked. If you're interested, Opencaching has a beginner's guide to it and more information.
A full 5 stars

Many witty ripostes,

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  1. The traditional way to get into geocaching is to find a cache randomly and thinking "what the hell is this?" to open it up, read the note, and then join in. You did it wrong.