Monday, 4 February 2013

The Demon Lover

Greetings, fellow book-devourers!
The Demon Lover, book one in the Fairwick Chronicles by Juliet Dark, tells of Cailleach (pronounced Kay-lex) McFay who accepts a teaching job at a university in the middle of nowhere. Soon after arriving in Fairwick, Callie starts having erotic dreams. The local witches (who happen to consist of  her dean, a colleague and the inn-keeper) intervene and banish the incubus who had possessed her. So why does Callie think something's up with the new professor?

 I really liked this book. I ended up stopping everything and just reading it, with the old 'I'll just finish this chapter.' Yeah... I finished the book first :) I like how  there is an obvious good guy and bad guy in the beginning, but by the end it starts to get greyer as Callie experiences more. I'm so glad I have the second book, The Water Witch, as I'm really excited to see where this goes.

4.8 stars

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