Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My Soul to Save

Hello, fellow book-devourers!

My Soul To Save by the talented Rachel Vincent, is the story of young teen popstars who make deals bartering their souls for fame and fortune. Enter Kaylee Cavanaugh and Nash Hudson, young bean sidhe (banshee) who are determined to save the popstar's souls from eternal torture by a demon of avarice (greed).

I liked this book. I didn't like it as much as I could have (possibly because I've been reading way to many of the literary classics recently and am becoming a book snob) but it was still worthwhile reading. I particularily liked the end of the book. The conclusion was really, really sad, but it was the right ending for the book. If it had been a happy-happy la-la ending, it would have left a horrid aftertaste, because it would have been wrong.
This is the second book in the Soul Screamers Series. If you liked this one, try the others.
3.8 stars

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