Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rachel Hawthorne

Hello, fellow book-devourers!

Rachel Hawthorne is a young adult and adult writer who was born in England, but moved to Texas later.
Her book include:

Dark Guardian Novels:
Moonlight (1)
Full Moon (2)
Dark of the Moon (3)
Shadow of the Moon (4)

Love Stories: Year Abroad Novels
London: Kit & Robin (1)
Paris: Alex & Dana (2)
Rome: Antonio & Carrie (3)

The Boyfriend League
Thrill Ride
Love on the Lifts
Caribbean Cruising
Snowed In
Labor of Love
Suite Dreams
Island Girls
Nick & the Nerd
The Older Guy
The Crocodile Who Was Afraid of the Water
Trust Me (First Kisses 1)

Psudonyms: Lorraine Heath and Jade Parker

Her website:

Many witty ripostes,

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