Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hello, fellow book-devourers!
Book 3 in Chloe Neill's series the Dark Elite finally managed to get off my to-read shelf and into my currently reading one (I love Goodreads).
Lily Parker, an Adept with firespell is all psyched up to go to the school dance with her werewolf boyfriend. There hasn't been a lot of activity lately from the Reapers, so the only thing on her mind is her dress. Then, when an attack happens at the school, Lily's powers are gone. Who's taken all the powers of the Chicago Dark Elite, and why? And can Sebastian be trusted to help?

This book was engrossing enough to pull me away from the daily worries, but not so much that I had to finish it before I did anything else. The relationships here are done really well, much better than the first two books (in my opinion) There's the tension between Lily and Jason when the Sebastian issue is brought into the open is really good, and seems true to the characters. I also like what happens with Veronica. Either she subconsciously knows that she owes Lily, or Nicu is just a good influence (I know, we're all laughing) but she seems a whole lot nicer in this book. As a character, I think she's got a whole lot of potential, particualrily when we learn why Nicu is drawn to her.

According to Chloe Neill's website, there are 'no current plans for a fourth book.' I think the series still had a way to go, but maybe she'll come back to it later :)

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