Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hello, fellow book-devourers!

A Dark Guardian Novel, Moonlight, penned by Rachel Hawthorne, was recent;y devoured by myself. The basic storyline is that Kayla, an adopted child who's parents died in the forest that she's come to work as a guide in. She's attracted to the mysterious Lucas, who is the leader of the sherpas, as they call themselves. As they lead a research team into the middle of the national forest where they hope to find proof of werewolves, strange things start happening that jeopardises those in the party. Then there is the beautiful wolf who comes to Kayla at night. What does it all mean, and will these researchers really find werewolves in the park?

When I picked up this book, I was kind of hoping the main characters would be over 25, simply because this usually mean sit has more in the book than the main challenge that must be overcome and relationship building. Well, it's about teenagers, and there is plenty of tension between the two main characters, Kayla and Lucas, and the second half of the book is mainly about solving the problem. There is some work done to set up for the sequels, but not a whole lot, and parts that should have gotten more attention, such as the bear-wolf fight and when Lucas deals with his brother, were let down by the half-a-page descriptions.

Good ideas, but could have been written better
2 stars

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