Monday, 22 April 2013

Plague Town

Hello everyone.
An Ashley Parker novel, Plague Town is the story of (who would have guessed?) Ashley Parker, a twenty-nine year old university student. Dana Fredsti's book is the equiavlent of a shoot-'em-up movie, with zombies thrown in.
There is a whole lot of 'I'm a normal person' that ends up in a government military position because, once again, who would have guessed, Ashley is immune to the zombie bites. In another totally-unseen plot twist, the hot jerk she met at the beginning of the book ends up being her boyfriend by the end since her previous boyfriend inconviently got eaten by zombies. Furthermore, the great big revelation at the end of the book -how the zombies started this time- could be worked out in the first three chapters. The second great big revelation comes about two thirds of the way through the book, and that you could have figured out by chapter 5. I was kind of hoping for a more mature character, considering her age, but Ashley reacts, sadly, like your average lame 'heroine' (read, I'm the main female character, but there are always men coming to save me) in current YA reads. Her only redeeming action as a character came with the cats (if you read the book, you'll understand)
A terrible plot, and it's never going to win literature awards, but it's ok as a quick entertaining read, much like a made-for-TV shoot-'em-up movie.

2 stars


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